Privacy & Data Breaches

Privacy and Data Breaches: You Have Rights

Every day in numerous ways, we give away information about ourselves.
Every time we log onto social media, make an online purchase, or tap our
debit or credit card for a cup of coffee, we’re sharing information. Our
most private information is contained in our electronic health records,
in our bank accounts, and in government databases.

Several times each year, news about major data breaches hits the front
pages. Hackers get ahold of credit card numbers. Healthcare systems
accidently release patient information. Social media giants have code
vulnerabilities that allow outsiders to access user information.{” “}

Consumers are protected by a variety of privacy laws, yet often don’t
know how to enforce their rights. That’s where Krieger Law Group comes
in. We are experienced in standing up for consumer privacy and we hold
big businesses – whether social media companies or healthcare
organizations – accountable when your data has been compromised.

If you’ve been the victim of a data breach, call Krieger Law Group today
for a free, no obligation case evaluation. We’ll listen to your concerns
and provide you with options to make the companies that mishandled your
information answer for their actions.

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