Employment Law

Fight Back Against Unfair Treatment in the Workplace

When you’re mistreated on the job, it can feel as though your life is
crumbling around you. You spend many of your waking hours at work and
your livelihood is at stake. The excruciating decision about whether or
not to take action against your employer can feel like a huge financial
risk. That’s where Krieger Law Group comes in. We have a deep
understanding of both Nevada state law and the federal Fair Labor
Standards Act, laws designed to protect you in the workplace. We can
tell you when your employer is out of line – and then hold them
accountable for their actions.

Krieger Law Group has a proven track record in protecting workers while
recovering money on their behalf. We can help you if you’ve experienced
any of the following while on the job:

Discrimination: If you’ve been denied a job, demoted,
fired, paid less, or passed over for promotion because of your race,
age, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation, then you’ve
been discriminated against. The same holds true if your employer fails
to provide a reasonable accommodation for your disability. We can fight
back, but time is of the essence. There are deadlines for filing
discrimination complaints, so the time to act is now.

Hostile Work Environment: If you’re subjected to
workplace teasing or bullying based on your race, religion, age,
disability, national origin, gender, gender identity, or sexual
orientation, your employer has an obligation to step in. If they don’t
take action or if they take insufficient action, you have the right to

Violations of Wage and Overtime Laws: When it comes to
wages, there are a variety of ways that employers can violate state and
federal laws. You may be forced to work off the clock before or after
your regularly scheduled shift. Your employer might miscalculate the
hours you work to avoid paying overtime. They could improperly handle
tips. They may misclassify you as “management” to avoid paying overtime.
They could call you an independent contractor to avoid paying employer
taxes and benefits. Your deserve to be paid for your work, and we can
get the pay you deserve while protecting you from unlawful retaliation.

Whistleblower Retaliation: If you’ve shown the courage
of your convictions and reported your employer’s wrongdoing, you’re
protected from retaliation. If you’ve suffered from an adverse
employment action, we can help you fight back. We will doggedly fight
for the compensation you deserve.

You deserve to be treated well in your workplace. If your employer is
mistreating you, you can count on Krieger Law Group to fight for your
rights and make your employer pay.

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