I always have my answers to my questions during the process and after the process promptly. Consistently professional, timely and friendly. David is always providing direction and the reason why the direction as well as including you in the very tough language within the legal system and breaking it down to be simple so that decisions can be made. It can be scary getting all of that legal language thrown at you. David calms the storm and continually is available for support. Thank you Mr. Krieger for your continued support.

Nicola O.

David Krieger has assisted my family through the toughest decisions we have ever had to make. Consistently professional and sincere while providing direction to keep us on track. From the front office to the the lawyers I felt we had a partnership without judgement. Thank you Mr. Krieger.

Nicola Oakie

David, thanks for your help yesterday. It’s nice to find an attorney who is so cordial and hands-on with their client’s needs. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Stuart W.

Hello David, This is amazing information. Thank you so much for your assistance and handling on this matter!! There’s no words to express our gratitude. We look forward to working with you again.

David, I’m glad you’re my attorney thanks for everything. God bless.

Luciano A.

David, Thank you for your prompt response. We are delighted to have you volunteer with us. We appreciate all of your hard work. (Maria is the AmeriCorps Member/Volunteer Liaison for the Pro Bono Project at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada. David Krieger helped a woman file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case who would not otherwise have been able to afford it.)


Thank you David. I know how busy you are, and I truly appreciate how quickly you have gotten back to me it is amazing. Thanks again.


David, Thank you again so much. I am in tears because you really have helped us so much in answering all of our questions. You have made us feel at ease. We are so happy that we chose Mr. Krieger to represent us in this difficult time of our lives. From the very beginning it has been a positive experience. The staff has been wonderful and very helpful. If your firm ever needs a testimony please let us know. I will be recommending Mr. Krieger to anyone who is in need. Thanks again David. Be blessed today and always.

Don & Mary V.

David, I can’t express how appreciative I am for the assistance you and your office provided to me regarding my chapter 13 case. From day one, I was very impressed with how quickly you always responded to my emails and questions. You made an uncomfortable financial situation easier to deal with. Everyone I dealt with was great. Thank you again for giving me a fresh start and the ability to stay in the home I absolutely love.

Lori T.

Hi David, I’m sure you won’t remember me as you have so very many clients. But, below is a recent article regarding the person who caused me to have to file for bankruptcy about 3 years ago along with another crook named (name removed). I remember telling you the first time I met with you in your office that I was afraid this person who assisted in the financing of our home on 90 myrtle beach drive was part of the mob and I was very afraid he might do something bad to me or my family if I tried to file bankruptcy on our home and I just recently found I wasn’t far from wrong. I remember you telling me not to worry and that you were very good at what you do and would make sure this person could not come back to haunt me. You were SO right and are VERY good at what you do, and even though it’s been a few years, I wanted to thank you and let you know how appreciative I am. Below is a recent article I found on-line where (name removed) is now probably in jail for the rest of his life. At least he can not do to others what happened to us. I refer your name often every chance I get to people here at work who mention to me that they are in financial duress ‰Ò and I’m looking forward to getting my case over with even tho’ I still have a few years to go.

Vicki M.

David, I really want to thank you for our appointment today. I feel better talking with you and what will happen and what is expected. You were very patient and spent so much time answering all of our questions and I appreciate it.


I had several title loans with titlemax they kept giving me more than i could afford i went to c mr David Krieger to file bankruptcy he told me because of my income & the amount of my monthly payments they should have never got me a payment i could not afford to pay within 3 months they got me 750$ and got my title back Mr. Krieger gods in the law. Thank u Mr David Krieger.


I came to David Krieger to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for my wife and to reopen my Bankruptcy Chapter 7 after it was discharged. Before going to David, I had spoken to 3 different Bankruptcy attorneys about reopening my Bankruptcy and they all said no. David said yes! When I first met David, he impressed me as a Junkyard Dog. An aggressive Attorney who will fight for you in court. And that’s exactly what he did. The Bankruptcy Court Judge awarded me $50,000 for a debt collector garnishing my wages in violation of the federal bankruptcy code. If you’re looking for a fighter, look no further than David Krieger.


I emailed David and his colleague, Rachel, and was very impressed with their knowledge of the law and how swift they were to get back to me. I feel much better about my situation and will retain them if things escalate for me.


After filing Chapter 13 with another attorney, we were left with creditors still pursuing us and ruining our credit, which was why we filed in the first place. We felt there was no hope, until one day I received a flyer in the mail from Mr. Krieger. Making that call was lifesaving! From our first meeting with David, he changed everything! Now, our credit is good and we can finally move forward and put the bankruptcy behind us! David and his staff are the best! Thank you for giving us our life back!


The following thank you letter was sent by the mother of a client who is autistic. Dear Mr. Krieger, I want to express my utmost appreciation for your assistance in regard to my son, Arthur. When you stepped in and contacted Mr. S., immediate relief overcame (my son). Arthur’s whole demeanor changed. You are truly a saint. Arthur was devastated at the trustee meeting when the word fraud was tossed at him. He was scared to death. He had followed your firm’s advice to the letter. Actually, the whole four months have been a very difficult time for him as he is losing his home and credit. It is difficult to understand that he did not know he was in trouble until February of this year, but that is the way of autistic persons; brilliant in some areas and totally naive in others. He lived on his own for 15 years in Las Vegas and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Everyone was so proud of his accomplishments. When his taxes were prepared in February of this year, there was a great increase in his property taxes. Upon investigation, it was discovered that he had refinanced his home for an amount that was way out of line_ 53 per cent of his substitute teaching salary, which in actuality is a part-time job. In addition, it was discovered he had opened many credit cards and was making all payments on time. It was shocking to find out how much credit card debt he had accumulated. This has all hit Arthur like a bomb and your judicious involvement was like a miracle. Thank you from the depths of my heart. Very Sincerely,

Marjorie D.

Mr. Krieger, When my husband Steve and I met with you on Monday he was not as receptive as he usually is to the information you shared with us. I must tell you that I am partly responsible for that as he had consulted with an attorney that he knows concerning our bankruptcy and wanted to use him but I insisted (& nagged & pestered) that we meet with you. We are both glad we did. After leaving your office he said that the other guy never told him any of the information you shared with us and that I have really good ideas.

Tracy H.

It was a pleasure working with you and Mr. Krieger during my BK7 process. Mr. Krieger instructed me to shoot him an email today requesting my case number. I was delighted to know it was going to be filed yesterday! Fantastic job Mr. Krieger!!! Thank you very much to everyone involved with the diligence of my case!!! I will be sure to refer others to your Firm! Actually, I already have, my roommate Lenore!! I guess I never asked if there is incentive for referral from current clients?? Once again, thank you for your attention and work with my case!!

Adam R.

    100% Confidential